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GIRLS/BOYS -BACK LACKING GOWN - 100% cotton, fustian or linen. These gowns tie or lace down center back and are worn over a shift. The smaller sizes have leader strings sewn into the shoulder seams. This style gown was worn by girls and by boys before they were breeched.BLG-101


GIRLS - SHIFT/CHEMISE - Basic undergarment which is worn under everything! Made from 100% cotton it has a drawstring neck and longer sleeves with underarm gussets and drawstring wrists.SFT-102$25.00GIRLS - SHORTGOWN - Very simple day wear jacket with a scoop neckline and drawstring ties to close. Often an apron is worn to help keep it closed. Sleeves may have extensions to lengthen.SGN-104


GIRLS JUSTE-AU-CORPS (FITTED JACKET) - This is a more form fitting jacket with elbow length sleeves, scooped neckline and laces closed over a boned center front. It is worn over a shift and with a petticoat. This is a much dressier jacket than the short gown or bed gown.JAC-106


GIRLS POLONAISE GOWN - Just like Moms! A dressier gown with front lacing fitted bodice and matching or contrasting under petticoat. Gown and petticoat have 2" grow tuck near hem for longer wear.POL-107


GIRLS WOOL CAPES - Full length cape with a hood, lined with a double napped cotton flannel for warmth and softnessCAP-108


BOYS - SHIRT - Just like Dad's! 100% cotton pullover full cut shirt with underarm gussets and ties at neck. White or colored cottons, natural osnaburg, or checked fabrics available.Sizes 4/5, 6/7, 8/10, 12/14, and 16/18SH-201


BOYS KNEE BREECHES - 100% cotton, duck or fustian. These have fake fly with buttons down center front, drawstring waist and knees. Sizes 4/5, 6/7, 8/10, 12/14, and 16/18KB-202


BOYS SLEEVELESS WAISTCOATS - 1750'S (F&I)waistcoat is longer while 1770's (Rev War) waistcoat is shorter and has cut away front at waist. Ours now have working pockets. Cotton, fustian, linen or wool fabrics available with either bone or horn buttons. Pewter buttons available at additional cost.F&I-203 or REV-203


BOYS FROCK COAT - 1750's -1770's Boy's outer coat. JUST LIKE DAD'S! Coat has working pockets, side and center back split pleats AND working pockets! Collar and cuffs are added to the 1770's (Rev War) style. Fabrics are cottons, fustians, linens, or wools.FC-204


BOYS HUNTING FROCK SHIRT - NEW!! Heavier cotton or fustian open front fringed jacket with one fringed shoulder cape. Based on the pattern ordered by George Washington for his troops. Natural or colors available. Sizes 4/5, 6/7, 8/10, 12/14 or 16/18HF-205


KIDS STOCKINGS - SOCKS 18", 24" and 31" lengths in various colorsSOC-206


"NEW" Delp Vertical Stripe Wool Stockings - Mens/Womens VERY SOFT! VERY NICE! Call for available color selectionA-004


Shifts, bodices, petticoats, etc.




Waistcoats, Coats & Hats




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INFANT - PILCH OR PILCHERS - 100% cotton diaper covers. In the 18th Century these would have been the diapers. A good way to cover pampers and be period correct<I/td> INF-001
$10.00 to $12.00
INFANT/TODDLER - SHIFTS- 100% cotton shifts with long sleeves with drawstring wrist. Two 2" grow tucks at the hem allow for longer wear as the child growns. Worn by boys and girls. Available in white, checked and solid colors. Adding a Pin Cloth makes a very cute outfit and keeps the shifts cleaner.<I/td> INF-002
INFANT/TODDLER - PIN CLOTH - Apron covering for shift to help keep it clean. It has two 2" grow tucks for longer wear and comes in a variety of colors and/or prints<I/td> INF-003
TODDLER GOWN - Soft cotton back lacing gowns worn by boys and girls. Sold colors and prints available. Sizes 2T and 3T TOD-100
GIRLS - PETTICOAT - (18th century name for skirt) worn over shift. Ours have a drawstring waist and two 2" grow tucks near hemline for additional wear as she grows. There is a slit for the pocket on the side. PET-103
GIRLS - BED GOWN/JACKET - Longer day wear jacket with center back and side seam pleats. It is either pinned closed or has drawstring ties at neck. Often worn with apron. BGJ-105,
Leather leg garters (pair) with buckle A-001
Leather belts (2") give waist size A-002
Delp Cotton Stockings - Mens . Colors: white, natural, brown, navy, blue, green A-003
Delp Ladies Cotton Stockings - Lighter weight w/smaller foot. Colors: white, black, natural, dark green A-005
Hand Crafted Arrows, Cedar Shaft, Dyed Feathers, Sinew wrapped with Field Tips, Self Nocked. Currently we have a good supply in stock. A-009
$8.00 each
Colonial Cutty clay pipe A-011
Colonial clay pipe A-012
Ladies "soft" stays - Our stays are custom fit, reversible, contain soft boning, and are comfortable to wear. Size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 A-013
Pocket hoops. Worn on each hip to give you that "wide" look popular in the 18th Century. "one-size" A-015
Farthingales. Smaller padded accessories which give the gowns a little extra width without the fullness of the pocket hoops. A-016
Fishing kit (contains hand forged hooks, linen line, sinker & corks)  A-018
Canvas Haversack A-019

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