Gowns - Fort Downing Home

close up back view floral round gown.jpg

close up of front lacing.jpg

cranberry gown back.jpg

Cranberry gown close up of back waistline.jpg

Cranberry gown close up of front.jpg

cranberry gown close up of neckline ruching.jpg

cranberry gown sleeve flounce detail.jpg

Cranberry gown.jpg

Embroidery polonaise gown back.jpg

Embroidery polonaise gown.jpg

Floral and stripe polonaise gown.jpg

floral round gown side view.jpg

Floral Round Gown.jpg

Frannie in polonaise Gown.jpg

Jodi's polonaise gown back view.jpg

Jodi's polonaise gown bodice detail.jpg

Jodis polonaise gown.jpg

Kristen's wedding party gowns back views.jpg

Kristen's wedding party gowns front views.jpg

polonaise gown back.jpg

polonaise gown front.jpg

Sacque back gown back view (3).jpg

Sacque back gown back view.jpg

Sacque back gown close up of back.jpg

Sacque wedding gown with train.jpg

Silk sacque back close up.jpg

Silk sacque back gown.jpg

Silk sacque gown front view.jpg

Venice gown back 2.jpg

Venice gown back.jpg

Venice gown front.jpg

Venice gown side profile.jpg

venice gown side.jpg

venice gown top.jpg

Yellow sacque back.jpg

Yellow sacque front view 21.jpg

Yellow sacque front8.jpg

Yellow sacque side.jpg