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Our ladies and girl's clothing is sewn with the same care and attention to detail as all of our clothing. Our patterns are correct to the period and fabrics are carefully chosen for the same purpose. Again, we prewash the fabrics to prevent shrinkage when you laundry the garment yourself. All stress points are reinforced with extra stitching.

We do try to keep a good supply of basic items, i.e., chemise, petticoat, short gowns, and bodices on hand, but will be happy to provide you with "customized" articles if we don't have exactly what you want in stock. Click here for additional photos of Bodices and Jackets or for Ladies Chemise and Stays.

Ladies Petticoats, Bodices & Chemises.

(NOTE: Children's clothing is listed on Accessories Page.)

Description SKU #
Petticoat (les jupon) - 18th century term for skirt; often worn layered. "A proper woman would wear her skirts midway betwixt knee and ankle as long as her elbows and head were covered."  [Cf Historic Colonial French Dress, Johnson, Forbes & Delaney]A. French women were notorious for wearing indecently short petticoats, ones that barely covered the calf of the leg. These short skirts saved the hem from wear and dirt, and scandalized the English!

Our petticoats are cut with full fabric panel widths, have a drawstring waist with one side slit opening for access to a pocket. We hem our petticoats at apx. 36" long, and most have a 2" grow tuck which can be opened by breaking the stitching to add length.

Basic solid colors are available in either cotton or linen.


Solid Color Cotton $35.00

Printed Cotton $40

Linen - $60

TIES IN FRONT & BACK petticoat (skirt) as seen at Colonial Williamsburg. This petticoat is is pleated onto either ties or a waistband with ties.

You step into the petticoat, bring the ties to the back panel around to your bellybutton and tie them. Then, take the ties from the front panel around to your centerback and tie them. This allows the petticoat to lie flat around the waist without the bulk of a drawstring petticoat. Skirt panels overlap at the side, but 8" slits allow easy access to your pockets.

Fits waist : Small (up to 28"), Medium (up to 32"), Large (up to 36"), and XLarge (up to 40")


Cotton $40.00

Printed Cotton $45.00


Sleeved Bodice - This jacket is an outer garment worn over a chemise (shift) and with one or more petticoats and modesty scarf (fichu). It is lined and features a scooped neckline and fitted waist. The 1750's style falls gently over the hips, while the 1770's style ends slightly below the waist. The cuffed sleeves cup end just below the elbow

The front panel is lightly boned, laps slightly and pins closed, or may be made to lace closed across a stomacher.

Sizes: Small (6/8), Medium (10/12), Large (14/16) and XLarge (18/20). To have bodice made reversible add $20 to price.



Cotton starts at $65.00

Fustian starts at $65.00

Linen or wool $75.00


Another style every day, hip length, sleeved jacket which fits more snugly like a bodice. It also is worn over a chemise (shift) and with one or more petticoats and modesty scarf (fichu). It is lined and features a scooped neckline, side and center back slits , elbow length sleeves, and a fitted waist.

The front panel closes by lacing a ribbon through eyelets. We add a small pieces of boning down the center fronts to prevent edges from gaping.

Sizes: Small (6/8), Medium (10/12), Large (14/16) and XLarge (18/20)



Cotton starts at $60.00

Fustian starts at $65.00

Linen or wool $75.00

Chemise (les chemises)

The chemise is the ladies basic undergarment which is worn under everything.  Affluent women had several and wore a fresh one for sleep. Less fortunate women used the same one day & night.  Fabrics were linen and cotton.  Length varied from just below the knee to mid-calf.  White & natural colors most common, but a few were made of dark color & patterned materials.  (Cf Historic Colonial French Clothing  by Johnson, Forbes & Delaney.)

Our ladies chemise is very plain with a rounded neckline that lies flat against your skin. It fits close to the body with plain sleeves which makes it so much more comfortable under the fitted bodices than the ones made with the drawstring necklines and sleeves.

Small (up to bust 34"), Medium (up to bust 38"), Large (up to bust 42"), XL(up to bust 48")





White cotton $38.00

White linen $65.00

Other Items

Description SKU # Price
Fichu (neckerchief) Also called a "modesty" piece. This is a triangular shaped scarf, worn around the shoulders, crossed across chest with the ends tucked down inside bodice or gown front. FIC-1001 Cotton $20.00
Linen $28.00
QUILTED PETTICOAT - An undergarment worn over the chemise and under the outer petticoats. Made of Marselle cloth this petticoat allows air to circulate by holding the outer petticoat away from the body. This makes you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. I wear mine year round! It also keeps the lighter weight outer petticoats from clinging to you as you walk. To eliminate bulk around the waist, we sew the marselle cloth onto a light linen strip and pleat that onto a waistband. A wonderful addition to any ladies wardrobe.

State waist measurement.

QPC-1002 $50.00

All prices are subject to change or correction.

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